Here we would like to give a tribute to the cats that has been a part of our cattery and to their contribution to the development to our cattery.

Now they are happy neuters and lives in their forever homes

Elfe Feerique Elisabeth (neuter)

Date of birth: 07.11.2012

Color: n 33 (  brunmaskad / seal point )

Blood Group: A


Maljvina DevoNovaRex (neuter)

Date of birth: 04.04.2017

Color: n 24

Nicole Happy Miau (neuter)

Hennessey DevoNovaRex

Date of birth: 20.05.2013

Color: g 09 23 ( blåsköldpaddtigré-vit / blue tortie with whitemackerel tabby )

Blood group: A


Date of birth: 05.12.2015

Color: n 02 21 64

Blood group: A

Date of birth: 05.12.2015

Color: n 03 24

Harley DevoNovaRex (neuter)

Rococo Style Sapfir (neuter)

Date of birth: 22.04.2016

Color: o (cinnamon)

Date of birth: 30.03.2016

Color: c (lilac)

Kajf of Applause (neuter)

Iskra's Picaso (neuter)

Date of birth: 21.06.2014

Color: o 03 ( cinnamon bicolor )

Blood Group: A


Date of birth: 06.02.2017

Color: e 09 24

Blood type: A

DevoNovaRex Lancelot